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Floating in the Sea

In the service of health

Daily consumption of seawater, providing the minerals needed for the body to function properly and with a slightly alkaline pH of 8.4, helps to prevent diseases. It is well known that the alkaline environment inhibits the development of diseases.


What are the benefits of consuming seawater?

  - A dietary supplement rich in calcium and magnesium that serves as a powerful source of vitality. It has benefitial effects for the whole body: remineralizes, regenerates and energizes its cells!
  - Complex mineral source: With a mineral content of 39.8-40.5 g / liter, the product is full of bioavailable natural minerals. There is no added salt, only that comes from the natural state of seawater.
  - Excellent drink to maintain hydration: The composition in isotonic solution (a mixture of 1 part seawater and 3 parts drinking water) is similar to that of human blood plasma. A unique product that provides a good environment for our cellular metabolism, promotes hydration of our body and is a powerful detoxifier.
  - Deacidifying: due to its high mineral content and slightly alkaline pH, seawater helps to maintain an alkaline environment in the body

In what form can seawater be consumed?

    - HYPERTONIC, ie undiluted, or

    - ISOTONIC, ie diluted form. Dilution ratio: 1 part seawater mixed with 3 parts of drinking water.

Who can consume seawater?

    - EVERYONE, in hypertensive or isotonic form: for children, adults, the elderly, those in recovery, those expecting a baby, athletes and much more!

    - It works as an excellent source of minerals for growing children.

    - In adults and the elderly, it nourishes and hydrates cells due to its remineralizing properties, which reduces

the unpleasant effects of ageing.

    - For those in postoperative recovery or in need of greater mineral supply, we recommend

the isotonic drink, which greatly helps to regain strength and energy.

    - For pregnant women and babies in hypertonic (undiluted) form to ensure adequate mineral intake at the

beginning of pregnancy and then as an isotonic mineral supplement or mixed with fruit and vegetable juices to help the

absorption vitamins.


For whom is it not recommended to consume seawater?

    - Consumption of seawater is not recommended for patients in cases of kidney, high blood pressure or heart diseases.

How much sea water should we consume?

    - A healthy adult can consume 50-100 ml of seawater per day in isotonic form, i.e. 50-100 ml of seawater to which 3 times the amount of drinking water is added.

   - Hypertonic (undiluted) 5-10 ml twice a day. For young children, the daily dose is 2.5 to 5 ml in several portions.

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