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The taste of the sea

The taste of the sea

Coastal peoples have always loved cooking with seawater. This is the secret why their food is so much tastier. Seawater is a natural flavor enhancer and preservative and the healthiest table salt.

​Why should you cook with seawater?

The mineral salts in seawater provide a natural salty taste to our food, an to replace part of the cooking water with seawater, we can use it to replace refined salt, seasonings and our food lasts longer.

​How to cook with seawater?

Although salting is a matter of taste, the following suggestion can be used as a guideline for how much seawater should be used instead of cooking water:

  seafood - 100%

  fish - 75 -100%

  potatoes - 33%

  vegetables - 33%

  chicken - 33%

  pasta - 33%

  rice -33%.

Of course, seawater can not only be used to prepare cooked food, but also in all other cases where salting is required. It is suitable for re-salting food using a simple nozzle spray. Excellent for vegetable creams and milkshakes. Also also suitable for preparing fermentation juices.

​+1 tip: When making soups, by adding seawater to the already prepared food afterwards, you can adjust the saltiness with it, cool your food to an edible temperature, and by this the heat-sensitive minerals of the seawater are not lost from your meals. In our BLOG section you can find recepies with seawater.

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