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Ten good reasons why you should keep seawater at home

Sea water is one of the cheapest and most natural detoxifying and regenerating agents. There are numerous benefits of drinking isotonic seawater regularly on an empty stomach, including normalising blood sugar levels, boosting metabolism, strengthening bones and the immune system.

It is rich in biologically active minerals, which are easily absorbed and can be eliminated without residual waste and without burdening the kidneys. What does it mean to be isotonic? A mixture of one part seawater and three parts drinking water. And there you have it, isotonic seawater, which, by the way, has exactly the same salt content as the intercellular fluid in which all the cells and tissues of the human body, as well as our red and white blood cells, are swimming!

Let's look at some of the benefits of seawater for the body:


Sea water has antibacterial properties. It removes toxins and excess harmful bacteria from the body. No need to fast for days to detoxify, simply start your day with seawater every morning.


If you're having digestive problems, the best choice is to start your day with isotonic seawater! Say goodbye to constipation. If you have a serious constipation problem, you can even drink seawater in a hypertonic form (without dilution)!!! Success is guaranteed.


If you suffer from insomnia, it is not only useful to drink sea water in the morning, but also before going to bed. The high levels of magnesium in seawater calm the nervous system, so you can finally sleep instead of chasing stressful thoughts.


Dr F. Batmanghelidj, in his wonderful book, Your body is crying out for water, says that for every litre of water you drink, you should put a pinch of salt under your tongue to replenish the salt lost in your body. It is much more easy to drink a glass of isotonic seawater at least three times a day, which also hydrates and returns salt and lost minerals to the body?


Taking in minerals triggers big changes in your body. Without them there is no balance in the body, they are the foundation of our health. What's more, it's much harder to make up for deficiencies than vitamins. Minerals are present in seawater in a bioactive form and are easily absorbed by the human body.


It is now well known that sudden hunger pangs are caused primarily by thirst and secondarily by the lack of minerals. Drinking seawater is an excellent remedy for both problems. Dieters are advised to drink a glass of isotonic seawater in the morning on an empty stomach and half an hour before each meal. Drinking isotonic sea water on an empty stomach and before meals reduces hunger, hydrates and provides minerals in organic form.


Sea water is a great bone strengthener as it has a high content of calcium, so it is highly recommended for people with osteoporosis. This disease is caused by dehydration and a diet low in minerals.


Have you ever noticed that when you sunbathe by the sea, you get a much better tan and sunburn doesn't come as quickly? This is due to the seawater vapour in the air which acts as a natural UV filter. Even if you're not holidaying by the sea, you don't have to give up this cheap and effective protection. Take AQUA DE MAR in a spray bottle and spray it on before and during sunbathing. Of course, when sunbathing, keep a sense of moderation in mind and prefer to sunbathe in partial shade.


Minor skin injuries can be treated immediately with seawater. The best, cheapest and most effective antiseptic.


Do you wear contact lenses? Do you feel sometimes that your eyes are drying out? Are you suffering from recurrent hordeolum? A few drops of sea water a day will solve your problem.


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